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Media Campaigns have extraordinary effects for the success of a brand, as they deliver a client’s key message and vision in the community, providing organic buzz, cohesion, and brand positioning. Often our clients request to design a local PR initiative linked to their international strategy. Our local insight helps us to create an engaging dialogue with their target audiences, creating an integrated marketing campaign through print and digital media.

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We do more than simply storytell; we develop in-depth, authentic, and meaningful purpose building stories such as brand sagas. We create the opportunity for brands to deepen their connections with their customers and grow their business, leaving a lasting influence on the future of their company as they share their brand’s history and legacy to a broader audience. It helps appreciate the core of a brand in a very subtle way.
The creation of a product-oriented story is another valuable skill we possess. We have developed a keen curiosity for our clients’ products, suitable to present a proper product feature within leading media outlets.
Our Tailor PR team has cultivated strong relationships with local media, influencers, and key opinion leaders inside the luxury industry, and our clients reap the benefits.

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We believe that having a spokesperson to carry the client’s message is vital to get across their story and get closer to their target audience.

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Integrating a client’s product or service is one of the most effective tools to position a brand and generate content and sales call of action amongst the brand’s community.

One of the several benefits of product placement is its capacity to generate loyalty amongst consumers. Key opinion leaders are vital in this process. Through their communication platforms and community, they can help brands come alive and form deeper levels of engagement, making the consumer feel part of the brand.
A) Showroom
B) Shootings
C) Key opinion leader management

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Experiencing a first-hand experience within a brand’s operations is essential to communicate a firm’s values and philosophy. Each time we are presented with this exclusive opportunity to discover the company from within, we study which media outlet would be the best fit for their brand in terms of visibility, exposure, type of coverage, and replica.

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Special events have the potential to raise an organization’s profile in the eyes of both their current and potential customers. We routinely develop and manage special events for business clients, focusing on using different types of events to achieve targeted goals. Whether it is a press luncheon, a client-oriented venue or an influencer event, we always line up a set of specifics in all fronts: communication, press coverage, social media, and clients.

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The vehicle for communicating our clients services, products, or other messages is to produce a tailor-made press kit of exclusive imagery, a be spoke text, and on point press release.

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The PR analysis becomes paramount in evaluating initiatives, actions, and maneuvers for our clients and us. For that, we provide an ROI (return of investment) by a separate entity, often called Monitoring Agency. We work with three different types of agencies to provide a complete analysis of our campaigns, including DMR.

We boost your brand potential with tailor-made strategies

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